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Jurek TANE S shelter for hammock




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Shelter for hammock is designed against falling dew and rain. It can be also used as a sunshade (although it is not good to leave it unnecessarily in the sun for a long time) because it is made from polyester Ripstop fabric with the PU waterproof coatings and silicone finish.

Naturally it can be used separately as a sleeping shelter etc.


Dimensions: rhomboid 370 x 240 cm

Weight: 590 g

Packed size: approx. d. 7 x 27 cm


Complete product contains:

1) waterproof tarpaulin - polyester Ripstop fabric with the PU waterproof coatings and silicone finish (waterproofness is over 10000 mm of water column)

2) duralumin tent peg: 2 pcs

3) long anchor guy-line (approx 3m): 2 pcs

4) short anchor guy-line (approx 2m): 2 pcs

5) packaging

 Warranty is 24 months from the sale date.

 More information about this product:



1) You make a small loop at the free ends of both long anchor lines (if not already there).

2) Wrap these ends at required height around trees (columns, etc.) on wich the hammock is hung. Through the small loops thread the other ends including plastic shorteners and then carefully tighten the anchors around the trees (columns etc.)

3) The big loops with shorteners are grabbed by the hooks on longer tips of tarpaulin

(on each you choose one of two hooks according to the distance between the trees).

4) By adjusting the length of both long anchor lines, using the shorteners, you tension the tarp between the trees.

5) Anchor the tarp transversely to the ground using the tent pegs and short anchor lines tied to the triangles at the edge of the tarp.


Packing of the tarp is done in reverse way.

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