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Introduction » SLEEPING BAGS


Limit temperature -8°C
Limit temperature -4°C ~ -6°C
Limit temperature +8°C ~ +2°C
Limit temperature +6°C


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Temperature limits are given in accordance with European standard EN 13537:

Comfort (Comf.) Is the lower limit of the temperature range in which the user of the sleeping bag in a relaxed position (on his back) is in a thermal comfort and does not feel cold. Relative to the figure of a standard woman* and normal conditions.

The Limit is the lower limit of the temperature range in which the user of the sleeping bag in the economy (crouched) position is in thermal comfort and does not feel cold. Related to the figure of a standard man* and normal conditions.

Extreme is the temperature at which there is a risk of injury! WE DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!

Standard man: age 25, weight 70 kg, height 173 cm
Standard woman: age 25, weight 60 kg, height 160 cm

We offer sleeping bags of the following types:

  • Sleeping bags shaped anatomically mummy, extended along the hands, with a long zipper
  • Blanket sleeping bags with hood and full L opening.

Opening and connection of two sleeping bags

  • Sleeping bags are produced with right and left closing, so two can be connected together.
  • Left-hand zipper is designed for right-handers and right-hand zipper left-handers!
  • You can also close sleeping bags size L + XL (with smaller overlap of zipper length).
  • Sleeping bags size M can be switched only with each other (with a large overlap and with others).
  • Due to other zippers only sleeping bags with the same filling can be connected to each other
  • Blanket sleeping bags are also left and right, but with the possibility of connecting two identical models or different ones with large overlap

Sleeping bag construction

  • Mummy sleeping bags made of hollow fibers and microfibers have a sandwich construction.
  • Quilt sleeping bags are single-layered.

Two types of insulating fillings are used:

  • Hollowfiber (DV)
    single channel fiber with excellent price / performance ratio.

  • Microfiber PrimaloftT® ONE (PL1)
    a very successful imitation of feathers developed for the US Army, and thanks to a special fiber treatment it almost does not lose heat resistance when wet! Competitive fillings absorb 300% or more moisture than PRIMALOFT® ONE! Feather without hydrophobic treatment loses up to 60% thermal resistance, hollow fibers up to 50% thermal resistance, competitive microfibers and combined fillings lose up to 40% thermal resistance!