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VAR 2 cooker

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The well-proven VAR 2 versatile cooker is suitable for everyday hiking as well as for climbing ascents of the highest level - it is necessary to use lee. The cooker ensures a flat heating of the container so it is suitable for food preparation. With the use of lee, even with water heating, it has greater efficiency than the previously manufactured VAR 1 or many other brands.

The VAR 2 gas cooker will be appreciated by lovers of mountain, performance, water and cycling tourism, because the stove has a minimum weight (110 g) and a high performance at negligible dimensions. Easy operation, quick commissioning, easy flame control and low maintenance make the VAR 2 an excellent helper on your travels.

 The VAR 2 cooker will become absolutely indispensable on very popular coach tours, where each participant has to take care of its own. Less good for classic three-week camping in one place.


Technical data and disposal

 Put 1 liter of water to boil in about 4.5 minutes

 Fuel: propane-butane up to 0.8 MPa; Nozzle diameter - 0.30 mm

 Weight 110 grams; Dimensions folded: 90 x 80 mm

 Maximum permitted load of the cooker by container including the content: 2 kg


At the end of its service life, the cooker should be returned to the collection point of collection materials, including the packaging.


 Gas consumption and stove performance

 The maximum output of the cooker with the valve fully open depends on the gas pressure in the cartridge, which in turn is dependent on the cartridge temperature. The warmer the cartridge, the greater the gas pressure therein.

 It ranges between 3000 - 3300 W.


At temperatures well below freezing, the liquid gas stops evaporating and the stove is no longer operating - this is not a malfunction of the stove.


At gas consumption 110g / hour. cooker power 1400 W

At gas consumption 220g / hour. cooker power 2800 W




Knowledge from practice


The only reliable guideline is practical experience: it is proven that by using the lighter of the flame, heating up the amount of water actually needed, cooking food that does not require long boiling times such as potatoes or rice, one 220 g cartridge can last just fine. For two people.
It is advantageous to have two cartridges and first to verify this claim and neervovat and perhaps unnecessarily save at the expense of drinking. The second full or nearly full cartouche will be ready for the next event in a year without losing its content.

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