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TOP 2.5 lite

with flaps (made from EXTREME LITE fabric) + silicone bundles


Product no.: 8592494008881os
EAN code: 8592494008881f
Snow flaps /within 14 days/
Elastic bundle of poles
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397.50 EUR

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Light-weight one-entrance double-sheet two-man (temporary even 3-man) dome tent of a rectangular floor ground-plan with the large vestibule. It is suitable for all kind of hiking, outdoor & alpine activities.

The inner tent is sewn with the floor and is hung on the frame poles with help of hooklets and suspension ropes. The vents at the top of the inner tent are covered with airy & dense mosquito-net. The airy & dense mosquito-net in entrance enables better ventilation & protection against small insects.
The flysheet is put over the frame and attached to the poles ends. In front of the inner entrance the flysheet is prolong and forms the large vestibule which can be used both for storage of an equipment and for cooking (with caution). It is possible to guy a tent with help of numerous fixing points of flysheet. There are two air vents at the top of flysheet.
Distance (ca. 5 - 6 cm) between inner & outer tent improves thermal comfort & ventilation and decrements dew. It is possible to adjust this distance by shortening or elongation of the suspension ropes.



Features: 1. Vestibule prop increases substantially wind stability. 2. Large vestibule which can be used even for cooking (with caution). 3. Well-tried protected vent. 4. Well-tried hanging of the inner tent with ropes and hooks makes set up easier.


cedar green    



This model is made of the lightweight flysheet fabric in cedar green color, and requires cautious use.
Its total weight without a collar is 2,75 kg.

See EXTREME lite series.


Additional informations::

  • Packed size:
    • Diameter: 18 cm
    • Length:  42 cm (SM 7001-T6 poles)
  • Number of poles crossings: 1x


The tent consists of:

  1. inner tent
  2. flysheet
  3. tent-pegs: 14 pcs.
  4. long Alu pole Ø 8,5 mm: 2 pcs.
  5. short Alu pole Ø 8,5 mm: 1 pcs.
  6. guy-rope (2 m): 8 pcs
  7. guy-rope (1 m): 5 pcs
  8. bag of
    1. tent
    2. poles
    3. pegs
  9. repair kit (self-adhesive patch & 12 cm Alu repair tube)



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