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VAR removable lee - stabilizing pad


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An important accessory of the VAR cooker is a removable lee, which is newly designed so that it can serve as a stabilizing pad of the cartridge-cooker system in the opposite position.
In practice, especially in windy weather, fuel savings of up to 25% are achieved! The lee really protects the flame from gusts and the large reflective surface reflects all the heat of the combustion gases under the cooking vessel. Installation and removal is very simple, the stove remains stable and the weight of the lee in terms of fuel saved is negligible. The lee is perfectly compatible with the three-piece dining set known as "esus", so it occupies virtually no space in relation to the weight of the fuel saved.

 The lee can be used with a smaller container of our camping kits, such as Makalu, Everest, Al-inox, Titanium kit - perfectly compatible with "esus".

 A great advantage is also the very easy "assembly" and "disassembly" of the lee, thus maintaining the storage capacity of the stove itself.


A stabilizer or a bomb tripod: in a very simple way, the cartridge and the cooker are clamped to the opposite side of the lee, the overturning resistance is strengthened unspeakably.

Weight: 105 g

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