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AT 1.5 tent building instructions

Building instructions for AT 1.5 tent

 1. Unfold the inner tent with the floor to the ground (you can pin it to the ground with four pegs to facilitate the construction in windy weather). Insert the duralumin poles (check that the individual segments have snapped into the couplings) into the inner eyelets at oppsite corners of the floor (a). At the top pull the cord with the olive over the rods and thread the olive into the triangle (for some models, use the plastic hook (b)).

2. Pull the tensioning cords over the aluminum bars and catch the hooks.

3. Deploy the flysheet over the poles (it can be fastened with Velcro to the poles - especially important in extreme conditions) and the triangles (rings) in the corners will be atached by pulling on the overlapping ends of duralumin poles in the corners.

4. Tighten the flysheet and vestibule at the bottom edge, either by the triangles (rings) so that the flysheet edges are adjamcet to the ground (in cold weather), or by using short lines to pull the bottom flysheet to increase air intake (hot and humid days)

5. Tighten the longer walls of the flysheet using pegs (or larger stones) and longer a guylines at the center sides.

6. Use pegs pins in the handles of the floor to anchor the flyshhet. Use long guylines wich are caught by the edge handles if neccesary. It will also stabilizes the construction (in this case it is neccesary that the Velcro on the inside under the handle is attached to the construction.

The tent can also be built separately, both flysheet and inner tent are built in the same way, only you don´t use the flysheet. For construction of flysheet itself you need to use supplement no.1 wich you can buy.