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ULLI 1 and ULLI 2 building instructions

ULLI 1 and ULLI 2 building instructions

  1. Unfold the inner tent with the floor to the ground (you can pin it to the ground with four pegs to facilitate the construction in windy weather).
  2. Unfold duralumin poles (check that the individual segments have snapped into the couplings).
  3. Insert the long duralumin pole into the inner eyelets at the opposite centers of the narrower sides of the floor.
  4. Pull the tension guyline over the long duralumin pole and grab it by the metal hooks.
  5. You place the short rod in the eyelets, which are located at the tops of the inner tent. Make sure that the short pole is placed above the long pole.
  6. Swing the flysheet over the structure. Snap plastic clips around the perimeter of the tent into the counterparts on the ears of the inner tent. Tighten the straps.
  7. Use three pegs to tighten the walls at the bottom edge. Either behind the triangles so that the edge of the flysheet is close to the ground (in cold weather), or with short guylines, pull the bottom edge of the flysheet to increase air intake (on hot and humid days).

The outer tent (flysheet) cannot be built separately.