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JUREK S+R s.r.o.
č. p. 766
73913 Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem
phone: +420 556 850 032
fax: +420 595 175 026
JUREK shop in KpO č. p. 766, Tuesdays 7–17 h
Wed–Fri 7–15h, Saturdays 5.10.,19.10. - 8:30–11:30

Goods in action

Our price 950.00 CZK (37.78 EUR)
Our price 945.00 CZK (37.58 EUR)

Best sellers

Our price 1,125.00 CZK (44.74 EUR)
Our price 3,330.00 CZK (132.43 EUR)
Our price 25.00 CZK (0.99 EUR)

This newly created e-shop  www.outdoor-gear.eu  is an English version

of the Czech JUREK e-shop at  www.jurek.biz 

which is favorably ranked on Heureka.cz (Czech Internet shopping guide)

https://obchody.heureka.cz/jurek-biz-jurek/recenze/ .


It is still replenished but fully functional.


Catalog of tents and other JUREK products in PDF.


Thank you very much for your favor and patience.