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Important information for maintenance and use of the tent

  • Be careful when cooking in the tent or in the hall (at your own risk).
  • The materials used are flammable (toxic materials may be generated when burning textile materials).
  • It is necessary to maintain at least minimal ventilation (opening the ventilation openings, pulling off the flysheet edges from the ground, opening the flysheet zipper in the upper part).
  • Despite the two-layer construction, the condensation (or freezing) of the flysheet from the inside cannot be completely prevented, as it is influenced by many weather conditions and physical laws. The intensity of the condensation depends on the relative humidity of the air, ground moisture, body moisture, air movement, etc.
  • Slight deflection of the construction segments due to use is not a problem.
  • When folding the poles, do not drop the segments sharply against each other to prevent the edge from striking.
  • For longer journeys, carry a spare segment, pegs, and repair kit.
  • In bad weather it is necessary to tightene the tent well and anchor it with enclosed cords and pegs (see building instructions)

Camping safely. Follow these clear rules:

  • do not place cooking, heating or lighting products near the walls of the tent or roof
  • always follow the safety instructions for these devices
  • do not allow children to play near lighting equipment
  • keep open entrances
  • make sure you know the location of the fire fighting equipment at the camping sitefac